Orangeplas Brand

Zhejiang Orangeplas Technology CO., LTD is located in Sanmen, Taizhou, covering an area of more than 40,000 square meters. Specializing in R&D, Production and Marketing of traffic safety products. Products in accordance with MUTCD, ASTM, CE, GB and other relevant standards, a number of invention patents. The main products include high cold resistance, high resilience traffic cone, high impact traffic post, roadside reflector, road isolation facilities, construction signs, portable folding signs and other traffic safety products.

Focus on quality, craftsmanship manufacturing. Over the years, orange plastic has devoted itself to creating high quality traffic safety products, which are combined with 3M reflective film to provide excellent visual recognition effect, and actively introduced foreign advanced technology to develop a variety of innovative products.

At present, there are a variety of traffic cones on the market. Most of the common traffic cones are made of recycled rubber and coated with crystal lattice reflective materials. They are easy to be damaged in the process of use. Another common traffic cone is made of EVA. After being crushed by the car, the cone is easily separated from the base, which has a negative impact on traffic and causes secondary road congestion. Relatively good traffic cone is made of PVC material, which has softness at room temperature, but becomes stiff at low temperature. Meanwhile, plasticizer is easy to precipitate at high temperature, which affects the performance of reflective film.

In order to overcome the defects of existing traffic cones, orangeplas traffic cones are made of PVC+TPU modified materials, which should not be easy damaged. The vertebral body and the base are bonded by high temperature injection molding, which can not be separated by high-speed collision and rolling. High performance materials can maintain high impact resistance and high resilience regardless of the temperature ranging from -25c to 55c.

With 3M flexible reflective film, it has high reflection brightness, good impact resistance, and strong anti-oil performance, which can provide excellent warning effect for a long time.

Orangeplas Technology creates products through innovation and build reputation through quality. Together with 3M’s excellent reflective technology to improve the safety of road construction area. “Improve your visibility range”.