120Cm Diamond Roll Up Sign Stand

Portable Folding Construction Mark-Rhombus (2)

This portable folding construction mark is suitable for temporary traffic control and various construction work areas, easy to deploy and set up quickly, providing timely temporary warning information. 3M diamond-grade fluorescent orange reflective material provides excellent visual recognition.
Flexible and crimpable materials provide excellent portability and can be easily carried and laid out by a single person. Excellent weather resistance for long – term use. Easy to clean, shape and content can be customized.
The support can provide different levels of wind resistance. The base foot support can be extended, so that the support in a variety of concave and convex road use, not easy to dump.

1. Flexible crimp material, easy to take and carry
2. Compact design for easy storage.
3. The height of the support can be adjusted independently to suit different terrain

Model No Height Width Folded Height Folded Width Weight Flexible sign
DH-SSsign-RS-D120 1200MM 1200MM 600MM 150MM 9KG A variety of sizes, shapes, printing can be customized