165CM Water Filled Barrier

165CM Water Filled Barrier1

Water filled barrier is a tough, portable, energy absorbing product which can be ballasted with either water or sand. Water filled barriers are made from imported polythene and color material which guarantee the bucket not to fade or discolor and be durable .
Can be used with warning light or other affiliated equipment, such as advertising plate and indication plate .
Large range for use: can be used as part of construction project, rail for separation .
Suitable for any road, road turnoff, gas station and so on.
Steel reinforced, polyethylene water-filled barrier sections absorb collision energy and redirect vehicles away from roadway work crews.
Lightweight sections require no cranes to assemble.
Enery-absorbing (when optionally ballasted)for safer vehicle deceleration.

Model No Length Height Top Width Base Width Weight Water Capacity
DH-WB-4 1650mm 650mm 150mm 450mm 12.5kg 300kg