2Meter Plastic Fence Barrier

2Meter Plastic Fence Barrier1

The Barrier is a highly portable, water-filled barrier that is ideal for use where time and space are limited. It consists of a number of interlocking, 2 m (6.5 ft) barrier sections made of polyethylene plastic and an internal steel framework.
When you need a solid barricade, this 80″ tall x 200″ long with a capacity of 400 kg of water fits the bill.
Two colors to choose from: Hi-Vis Safety Orange or Yellow.
Molded male/female ends interlock to create a continuous wall of protection with no additional parts required.
Barricades angle up to 15 degrees to accommodate curves.
Two drain plugs for quick breakdown of barricade walls.

Model No Length Height Top Width Base Width Weight Water Capacity
DH-WB-7 2000mm 800mm 145mm 400mm 19kg 400kg