3 / 5-Channel AMS System

3 5-Channel AMS System (2)

The AMS(Advanced Modular System) is the first cable protector system designed to grow with a user’s needs. “system” includes 1 AMS center section and 1 pair of ramps, it can connect unlimited center sections and add ramps. Now a user can“build”a cable protector system on-site to accommodate an unlimited number of cables, add ADA compatible ramps and tailor it for restricted floor space. The AMS extra heavy duty cable protector system will handle a wide range of traffic from pedestrians to trucks and buses.

1. Holds Unlimited Number of Cables.
2. Space efficient, Easy to Assemble. All ramps can be detached when not in use, requiring less space in transit and in storage.
3. Forms Fully Flat, Highly Stable Surface. No gaps or valleys between parallel cable connectors.
4. Expandable ADA Compatible Ramps.
5. Connects with Other Cable Protectors.
6. Available in Extreme Heavy Duty Models

Model No Part Length Width Height Channel QTY Channel Width Channel Height Weight Loading Capacity Color
BS-AMS-2M Middle 900MM 300MM 50MM 5 42MM 42MM 8kg 30Tons Black/Yellow
BS-AMS-2E Side Ramp 900MM 300MM 50MM 30Tons Black
BS-AMS-4M Middle 900MM 300MM 75MM 3 65MM 65MM 10kg 30Tons Black/Yellow
BS-AMS-4E Side Ramp 900MM 300MM 75MM 12kg 30Tons Black/Yellow