Pedestrian Barrier

Pedestrian Barrier1

This plastic, interlocking barricade is a great barrier for marathons, parades, stadiums, and other outdoor settings with a large volume of individuals. The interlocking side feature makes it easy to create perimeters. Also, the rotating feet make it simple to stack and store the barriers on top of one another. This barrier is a great alternative to its steel counterpart, due to its lightweight feel and resistance to weather conditions.
1. Will not corrode or rust
2. Easy set-up
3. Barricades interlock to form a perimeter
4. Detachable legs turn in place for stacking
5. Arrange in various configurations
6. Easy to stack and store

Model No Length Total Height Barrier Body Height Base Width Base Height Total Weight Color
DH-PFB-9 2000mm 1000mm 800mm 440mm 200mm 9Kg Silver