D16 Square Base Flexible Bollard

16CM XXXL Flexible Bollard-1

16CM XXXL Flexible Bollard is developed by EASTSEA to increase safety of Road Isolation Barrier Zone. It is made of high resilience PU material with super large Diameter design. Compared to traditional steel columns, this post has great flexibility, can withstand a certain impact without damage therefore effectively reducing the hurt to vehicles and personnel. The Bearing Capacity is 20,000Kg at 40KM/H.

1. Material:100% New PP material, hard and durable.
2. UV resistance, not easily fade and durable.
4. Water proof, moisture resistance, excellent weather ability.
5. Will not warp or rust, durable and portable.

Model Height Base Size Diameter Reflex Material
DH-FP-D16-H100 100 CM 20*25 CM 16CM Dia 3M HIP 3340/3311 PU
DH-FP-D16-H100VN 100 CM 22*30 CM 16CM Dia 3M HIP 3340/3311 PU
DH-FP-D16-Sign-1 40 CM 40*15CM 40CM Dia Cutsom-Made PU