Chute Flexible Flag


Technical indicators:
1. Made of high-strength TPU material;
2. Two reflective glass beads are installed on both sides of the base;
3. Adopt national standard class IV flexible reflective film;
4. The surface of the reflective film is covered with transparent silica gel, which is scratch resistant;
5. Chute structure, easy to install and replace;
6. Locking structure to prevent falling off;

Product performance:
Lane dividers are set on the markings, which can effectively prevent dangerous lane changing or overtaking behavior. They are made of high-strength TPU, resistant to wheel rolling and have good resilience. Both sides are covered with 14cm “!” logo reflective film and two reflective cat eyes on both sides of the base, with excellent warning effect at night; The chute structure design is conducive to later replacement.

Model No Height Base Size Glass Beads Material Reflective Film
DH-310 28.4CM 18*11.5 CM 4 Beads PU 3M reflective film