12CM Fish-Decoration Bollard




Technical Specifications:

  1. The body of the column made of new TPU high performance material.
  2. There is a surround reflective tape on the top and 4 Fish-shaped reflective tape on the body.
  3. With 3M reflective tape which meet the standards of GB/T 18833 Type IV.
  4. With glass reflective beads on the base.
  5. The thickness is not less than 3mm.

Product Performance:
It’s made of high resilience PU material. Large diameter designing. Compared with the traditional steel column, it with better flexibility. It can withstand a certain impact without damage, and effectively reduce the injury of impact.
The body of the column with  a large area of 3M HIP reflective tape which has better warning effect.
There are 4 reflective “cat-eyes” on the base which enhance the reflective effect at night.
Using screws to fix the base for easily to remove and replace.

Model Height Dimension of the Base Weight Color
DH-FP-D12-H80-V2 80CM 22.5*17CM 2.0KG Grey/Yellow