Flexible GuardRail for Cycle Lane

Temporary Flexible Post-6

Flexible GuardRail is a special protection system that can resist the Impaction & Crushing of 5Tons Truck at 40Km/H. It is made of Flexible TPU materials and save the maintenance costs.
1. Effectively reduce injury for Bicycle Driver;
2. Bright 3M Yellow Stripe and black guard rail have a good warning effect;
3. Durable and high quality guarantee;
4. Length, corner can be customized according to actual needs.

Model No Length Height Bollad Wdith Base Width Yellow Stripe Bearing Capacity
DH-FPR-Post-1 2000mm 950mm 100mm 260*230mm 3M Yellow Stripe 5Tons at 40KM/H
DH-FPR-Post-2 2000mm 950mm 100mm 260*230mm Yellow No-Reflex Stripe 5Tons at 40KM/H