OrangeStar Traffic Cone


It has favorable flexibility and can stand press of car,also it will not be broken if it is struck by hard things.
It is sunproof, Anti-UV, waterproof, heat-resistant, cold-resistant, non-rimous, colorfast and soon.
Reasonable design, the cone could be stacked one by one.
The orange and white color is very striking at day time. At night, the reflective sheet on it can reflect dazzling light and make the driver see it clearly.
Along with strong durability, cones are stackable for easy storage and are usable indoors or outdoors.
Fitted with heavyweight bases at the bottom, these cones remain steady even in gusty weather and in cases of mild collisions.

Model No Height Base Width Cone Diameter Reflective Film
DH-NTC-70SN2-Cone-1 729mm 351mm 220mm 3M reflective film
DH-NTC-70SN2-Cone-2 729mm 305mm 220mm 3M reflective film